9 May 2009

Nearly 30 weeks preggers :0)

Well I had a very interesting couple of weeks I can tell you. It involved at least three visits to the hospital lol and also a car door, scan, day care, physio and more lol

Firstly I had my physio which went well and they gave me some crutches thank goodness to help take the weight off my pelvis. This took a bit of getting used to and also had to get passed the embarrassment of everyone staring at me and looking sorry for me as I must look a bit funny what with the bump sticking out too lol

The next day I had another scan and saw my little man who had put some weight on now and looked like a proper baby now instead of a skeleton or alien hehe! He kept sucking his lips which was quite sweet and was still a fidget bottom hehe!

His weight is perfect apparently but they want to keep an eye on him as the umbilical cord was behind his head. I suppose this is to make sure it does not tangle him up. I got stuck on the scan bed which happens a lot lately lol so they sent me to the day care unit in which i was offered some stronger pain relief and some quick tests to check I was ok :0)

The next day I had a lovely morning with my mum, we went for breaky mmmmm! then we went looking in the shops and ordered little man a new bed as he's been on a mattress on the floor since we moved in lol bless him. Once me and mum got home in a taxi I was holding my crutches in one hand and shutting the door with my other one when my mum shut hers at same time which meant my poor fingers got trapped in the door argh! lol I screamed like a baby hehe! and went to yank my hand out but it was actually stuck in the door lol My mum had to open the door for me and as i pulled the fingers out one of them just exploded with blood yuck! argh! it was all bent and swelled up so we asked the taxi driver to take us to A&E which he refused I cannot believe it! He said I should get an ambulance lol what for a broken finger I think not! I'd probably get told off for wasting their time lol But no he still refused to take us even though we had covered the hand up by this point. I think he was probably scared of getting blood on his seats or something.

Any how a very kind friend turned up and took us over to A&E in which we waited three hours to get seen as it must have been a day for leg and finger emergencies hehe! I got some rather strange looks as you can imagine looked quite funny with my bump, crutches and hurt hand lol

They x-rayed the fingers and to my utter shock my fingers we rent broken! NOT BROKEN! wow! It must have been a miracle as I fail to understand how they could have been shut completely in the door without being broken lol I'm glad they weren't as I wouldn't have been able to use the crutches for ages lol then where would I be hehe! I dread to think lol But hey a few days later and my hand felt much better.

Little man also was off school with chesty cough this week bless him but it's funny how kids suddenly feel much better once the afternoon comes lol

Big man working hard as usual bless him! Missed him like mad these past few weeks for some strange reason hehe! We are planning to do the birth plan and other things next week plus we are getting married in three weeks argh! so much to do lol. We only having a little one this year then having bigger blessing next year when things have calmed down but we are very excited to be finally getting married. wahoo!

Bye for now! :0)

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