27 April 2009

It's been nearly a month!

Hi there! 28 weeks pregnant tomorrow! wahoo!

I have just realised it has been nearly a month since I last wrote a post on here. This has been partly due to the Easter Holidays and having little man at home for two weeks but also due to some problems with the pregnancy. The baby is doing great at the moment and is still very active kicking around in there but my body has taken a bit of a bashing as I am suffering with SPD (sound like one of the SPD power rangers as little man has told me lol) Symphasis Pubis dysfunction and Sciatica on top of that (ouch!)

It seems to be getting worse as the days go by but I refuse to let it put a downer on me as all in all I feel quite alright within my mind etc...(except the short temper lol) Bedtimes are bit of a nightmare as I get stuck if I role on to my back or try to get up without doing it the right way. My other half when he is at home and not at work has to basically lift me up and turn me as my legs completely stop working and you can here the bones in my lower back and pelvis grinding ouch! lol It also feels like someone has kicked me in the front area as it feels very bruised. I also get stuck if i sit back on the sofa, sit for to long or if I stand for too long my legs start to give way.

Not much going for my body at the moment eh? lol I must say that I am not the thinnest of people and I do carry some weight without the baby being there but seeing as I cannot walk very far at the moment does not look like I have much chance of loosing any lol

Apart from this though I have had the pleasure of having little man at home recently for the Easter hols and I really missed him when he went back to school lol (I know I hear the "she must be mad!" statements lol)

Other half has become increasingly lovable the last couple of weeks, giving me lots of cuddles and trying so hard to be patient with me when I'm moaning about something silly such as "why can't boy's just put the toilet seat down" lol

I seem to have the knack of moaning greatly about anything and everything lately and only realising what I am saying about a day later lol I don't mean to moan but everything just seems to annoy me lately lol

I also have this tendency to forget things like names, simple words and even forgot to give little man his medication the other day and that is not like me at all! I felt a right useless thing then lol

Some people have said that it's due to the pregnancy and I have to agree with those who say that you must lose brain cells during pregnancy because mine have definitely decreased lol

Any way since I did say I would write back every other day when I started this blog I feel it necessary to change that plan to perhaps once a week as who knows what's going to happen between now and the next post hehe!

Having another scan this week plus my first session of physio. Also little man has another assessment for his suspected autism and he is doing his SATS this week bless him. (Cant help but feel he is just too young for all the work he has to do) but hey! can't change the school system single hand idly lol

Bye for now! :0)

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