3 April 2009

Hi everyone!
Had my 3rd scan yesterday! :0) It's still a boy! lol
They had to check the heart and face as they could not see it well the last time. It took them an hour to get it and also in between this they made me eat chocolate to get the baby to move into another position which to be quite fair I wasn't to happy about the idea of him moving anymore that day as the little boxer had been keeping me up all night punching away lol 3am I last looked at the clock lol

Anyhow he looked sweet and the pics we got were fantastic (got 4 because two different people scanned me in the end hehe!)

Here are some of the pics!

You can even see part of his brain on the first couple! Amazing!

This is my bump at 24 weeks old!

My friend who loves designing things made this pic for me as I kept talking about the little bump being such a boxer! I thought this was hilarious!

Thanks Dean!
Anyhow very excited now and the baby's nursery is filling up fast already lol Think I might need to invest in another wardrobe for him but seeing as the room is quite small I'm not sure where I would put it lol
My little man found out he's got into the Junior school he wanted so he's really excited and keeps going on about it bless him! Keep telling him he's got so much to happen before he goes but he seems to think it's next week i'm sure lol
Looking forward to all the Easter events coming up and spending time with little man for two whole weeks wahoo!


  1. Nice piccies love the one with boxing gloves LOL are you coming down to botany bay for the sunrise service Easter sunday ? if so get the baby to through in the towel early as you need your rest . XXX Don

  2. Thanks Don! I have such a busy week this week as I don't know if you have realised yet but I run the Mums and Dads Unite Thanet Website etc... I have been getting ready for local fun days and spreading the word all week as well as occupying me little man hehe! The bump has got quite big this week too so having to get used to carrying the extra weight lol Prob won't be coming to Botony Bay as I don't drive at present and it's too far away but I will be going to Church that day so I won't be misssing out too much on the special time. Luckily have a couple of evening events leading up to the weekend which the church have organised for us to lead us up to it so the diary is definatley filled up lol

    I left you a message on your blog earlier! :0) Hope you are well and will prob be back to blogging begginning of next week after a rest lol

  3. Take it steady my new grandson has just come to see his grandad his grandma has got the nappy change job pooooooheeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. lol what you like? hehe! Why is it the men always get away with missing the opportunity of changing a smelly one lol :0)