30 March 2009

I'm Back! :0)

Hi there! Have not posted for a week as had to have a rest from all the work I've been doing and had some early nights too as been very worn out from the pregnancy and also chilled out by my fave therapeutic activity of designing.

I designed some art work for the baby nursery as times are hard hehe! and thought it could save some pennies on the decor hehe! Had a great time doing it and little man even helped! Here are some of the pics!

Think they look alright and I have also done some jungle ones for the other wall which have not taken a picture of yet.
Looking forward to my next scan (3rd one!) on Thurs as will get another piccy hopefully and me and the other half decided on a boys name at last but will keep it to our selves for as long as we can hehe!
Planning lots of things to do with little man during Easter hols next week! There so much on I don't know if I will be able to keep up lol
Well that's it for now as it's getting late and the bump is kicking like mad for me to lay down lol
Night night! :0)

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