22 March 2009

Happy mums Day! - Funny mum song

Happy mothers day to all!Bold

I woke up this morning to hear daddy getting little man up by saying quick its mummys day today remember weve gotto go downstairs quick! Lol

I then get a coffee in bed and as I stagger down the stairs still trying to wake up I realise I have not put my contacts in so grab the glasses.

Little man passes me some lovely flowers and a card he's made me from school plus a big box of choccies and a card from big man telling me he thinks I am a great mum and he could not wish for a better person to be his children's mum. AWWWWWW! Bless (what a creep hehe!) It was lovely though and very nice to feel appreciated!

Got ready and said goodbye to big man as he had worked last night and needed sleep so me and little man were going to church by ourselves. The minibus picked us up and it was full of lots of mummy's and kiddies lovely!

Got to church and they did a great mothers day for us!
First we did a bit of worship singing with the band.
They they showed us a small video on the cinema screen (Our church is held at the Vue Cinema at present.) The video was of the glo kids(Sunday school type group) They all said things about why they loved their mums and it was so cute. Little man snuggled up with me which was lovely. next they talked about mums from the bible and how we should honour our mums etc...

The band then sang a song called 'you are so beautiful to me' for all us mummy's which was fab.

It was a lovely special mummy service!

Before it finished they showed us a great video clip of a mum singing this fab song about being a mum! Which I thought I would share with you all why mums our special!(Dads are too, but they will have to wait till June for their day hehe!)

Mom song!

Do take a look at this clip as it really is a good one!

Off to my mums now to cook a roast for when she gets back from work!

To all the mums/lady carers in Thanet hope you have a fab day! :0)


  1. Loved the clip glad you had a good day and church sounded fun. I was on sound desk duty and levels were all over the place yesterday still I did my best but am not sure the band thought the same LOL. We ended up with fish and chips on the front at Cliftonville we got it from the chippie in Northdown road opposite Tesco and it was enormous we shared one portion and were both stuffed.

  2. Sound desk duty is hard from what I have heard! lol I'm sure you did fine! (Its the thought that counts hehe!) Glad you enjoyed your fish n chips! We enjoyed the roast it was delish! We were stuffed too tho and just about managed to make room for the choccy trifle hehe!