23 March 2009

A mix of double glazing, scary dentist etc...

I awoke this morning with another of my raging tooth aches. What with being preggers paracetamol does not do the trick so was left fearing another dental fright at the emergency service coming my way! Have been trying to get a dentist for quite some time and am on a waiting list at the moment.

Last week I visited the emergency dentist at QEQM which without putting anyone off a very scary experience. Apart from the pain I experienced the rudeness of the dentist made me upset what with the pregnancy hormones and adrenaline from the numbing injection! He moaned at me for not having a dentist when I am 5months pregnant. I felt like the most irresponsible mother ever grrr! Could still feel the pain even whilst I had to wait in the waiting room whilst they saw three more people and I thought I was going to swallow my tongue where I could not feel it. lol Obviously you can't actually swallow your tongue like that but that did not stop me panicking and when I started to cry the nurse came up to me and asked me if it was the hormones argh! couldn't believe it! Then she passed me a huge box of tissues and said I might need them for a while lol

Anyhow he called me back in then he tried to clean up my broken tooth which as he started still felt pain full and had to stop so he just gave me a temporary filling and some antibiotics.

After 7 days of taking the antibiotics the pain was still there so this morning after phoning around managed to get an appointment at the Newington dental practice which thankfully went much better and she managed to do more with the tooth this time. Any how need root canal treatment which will have to wait now till the bump has been delivered lol Looks like I need to get the paracetamol in stock lol (Midwife has said this won't cause baby problems!)

In between all this the double glazing people turned up today and started the windows Wahoo!

Was sitting doing work on the comp and saw bits of windows flying past me outside lol Had to wear my dressing gown too because the front door was open all day and the window was obviously open all day lol Good job they finished before the rain came hehe!

Little man was picked up by Grandma and Grandpa after school so it meant I got a rest after the dental scare plus did not have to do the tea wahoo! lol

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  1. hope you are feeling better today its ony 120 days to go not long to go I am a gradad again yippee a boy name of Seth