20 March 2009

Lawson's Circus Treat

Ok so after the scan Daddy decides we should take little man to the circus as a treat so we get a taxi up to Tesco Manston and because we are early we decide to go have a look at boy stuff. I found a cute outfit for an early baby (just in case) and after a few nags Daddy lets me buy it lol He always gives me that look of oh alright anything to stop the nagging! lol

Me and little man get excited hehe!

After that we run (well I waddled more!) to to the circus tent over the road and run past loads of people as we already had tickets and wanted to get to the front! lol (wish we hadn't now but tell you why later!)

Got settled and then came the can i have? can i have? from little man lol managed to a deal where he got one toy and popcorn instead of having 10 different light showy things.

Then the show begins.

Very good show, the acts were very good and the 16year old lad was fab at juggling especially the fire balls which at one point thought might end up in my face lol

The clown act was halarious and even had me n Daddy in stitches. Little man laughed the whole way through.

Must admit me and daddy had words about the half naked women that were in the acts lol. I mean its a family show and they insist in doing flips and twists with half their bottom hanging out lol
My man sat there (probably too scared to look in that direction in case I caught him accidentally taking a good look lol)
Apart from that it was a very good show and is the second time now that we have taken little man.
Little bump seemed to go nuts with all the vibrations of the music and drums lol
A great evening for the family!!!

Oh yes the reason I wished we had not sat at the front is the excessive amount of water that came our way lol. There was a small water pistol involved, a larger pistol, a huge pistol and an even bigger one that I quite honestly have not seen such a big one in all my life. I'm sure little man will be wanting one for his next birthday lol


  1. I know whhat you mean about the waddle my daughter went to post a letter the other day and stopped traffic lol. Not long for us to wait till our new one arrives and yours wont be too long .Glad you had a good time at circus OHHHHHH YES I AM oh no your not OOOOOPPPPS thats panto seasson stuff OHHHHHHHHH YES IT IS

  2. I've now added your blog to the side-bar of my own blog. Keep up the good work! : )

  3. Put you on my sidebar too. Welcome to the world of Thanet blogging

  4. Thanks Guys! I call the waddle - waddling like a duck hehe!

    Will add you all to my side bar when I have learnt how hehe! :0)

    Thanks for the welcome!