18 March 2009

How big's the baby at 21 weeks?

Well today has been quite a long one what with the school run, working in office, cousin and their baby round.

Just turned on computer because little mans being put to bed by daddy tonight and saw a new widget thing to add to this blog. Its a 3D baby with days left to birth. (cool and cute!) made it pink for now as I am hoping it will be a girl this time (hope hope hoping! lol) We find out tomorrow and I cannot wait!

When my other half saw the pic he asked how big it is and seeing as I had no idea thought I would look it up on one of the baby sites. Whilst I did this he went off in search of his metal tape measure lol

My son comes bounding over to me and starts picking up random objects asking "is it this big mum?" (holding up a cup, a phone, and a remote control) and me replying "I don't know! let me find out lol"

Eventually I find something related to 21 weeks pregnant from the baby centre website which I have linked to this post for other 21 week mums to be.

Apparently at 21 weeks the baby measures approximately 27cm from crown (Head) to toes!

Wow no wonder I have been feeling prods from one side of the belly to the other lol Kept thinking I had three in there. (which I assure you I have not!) :0)

Daddy to be got the measuring tape out, measured at 27cm he spread it across my rock hard (suddenly today for some strange reason!) belly insisting that I must be wrong until he read it on the website lol (Can I never be right? enters my mind!) lol

Anyhow that's enough for now little man has got to go beddy byes and I have work to get on with as usual lol (While big man plays golf) - on the PlayStation lol Its his night off tonight so sure we will snuggle at some point lol

Will hopefully write back on here once I have had the second scan tomorrow! Will leave this post asking -

Is it a Boy or is it a Girl? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


  1. 27CM Cor my daughter 37 weeks and as big as a balloon her son recons he will put the baby in the bin but he is not three till May. They havent found out what sex the baby is butwe wont have long to wait she is booked in for a C section on thursday if she goes that long. I can recomend the new play area at Dane Park I havent been there personly but the wife 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren love it andour sons girlfriend was disapointed last week when they took the youngest grandson down there and he was asleep by the time they arrived. Hope all goes well XXX Don

  2. Wow! 37 weeks, bet she can't wait. I remeber with my first I felt like I was going to pop by then and the time does seem to drag those last few weeks. 2-3 year olds make me laugh all the time with the things they come out with hehe! My son is nearly 7 so has not come out with anything like that but say's me and his dad will be doing the smelly nappies and he will do the fun things with it hehe!

    Bless them they sleep when you don't want them to then don't when you wish they would hehe!

    Thanks Don and hope your daughters c-section goes well and she recovers quickly! :0)

    Let me know how it goes! x