18 March 2009

My first mama post!

This is my first post and hopefully not my last lol
I am going to write about my day etc... on a daily basis (well ok if im honest probably not every day but every few days maybe if I get the time lol)
Going to write about it all, everything that enters my mind when writing so it might end up being a bit of a waffle hehe!
There will probably be quite a lot of talk about being pregnant at first as I am 5 and a half months preggers!
Plus I have a son who's nearly 7years old who I love dearly and will probably be talked about a lot on here lol.
I spend a lot of time volunteering and attend church (realy cool one!) reguarly with my family plus love to spend time with friends and family especially BBQ's in the summer.
I love to chat about anything and everything so if you fancy reading a mums random eventfull life on blog then do come back from time to time hehe! :0)


  1. welcome to the Thanet blog scene and Hi from Margate which Church do you go to? I am at Saint Pauls in Cliftonville and look after the website. Drop by the site and sign our guestbook ........ I am getting to the begging stage no one ever signs it LOL XXX Don

  2. Yes indeed, welcome to the Thanet blog scene...& give me a shout if you want some preggars photos! : )


  3. Lol will do when I can Don! I know what you mean trying to get anyone to do somethingother than read a web is a nightmare lol :0) I go to Global Generation Church held at the view Cinema at westwood at the moment until our new building is built.

    Thanks Peter much appreciated and will let you know when I need some! x

    Chat soon!

  4. Congratulations on your new blog, Thanet Mama.
    Hope you and your new readers will enjoy your writing-sharing.
    Shalom from a Jerusalem Grandma. :)