20 March 2009

It's a Baby........................????!!!

Well went to the scan yesterday along with the daddy and our boy. Got to the waiting room and waited watching more and more pregnant bellies walk in hehe! Mine seems to be much fatter than every one Else's and I am not sure that's a good thing lol Must start watching what I eat again!

Got in to the room and laid in the bed which had a screen opposite it on the wall. the boys sat in chairs at the side of the room looking up patiently whilst the lady rubbed gel all over my belly and then there it was the alien looking skeleton from the last scan but now it looked more like a real baby and its face looked quite cute hehe.

The woman checked all its bits and peices but because it was fidgeting (which I have all ready worked out that its a fidget bottom from all the kicks i get) they could not get a good look at its heart and face so they told me I get to have the privilege of an extra scan in 2 weeks hehe! Wahoo more pics! I dont mind!

Then came the bit where she asks if we wanted to find out what it was........

Daddy looked at me I looked at him Little man looked at me I looked him lol Then there it came..

"It looks like there is a winkle!" Haha!

Ok so I was really hoping for a girl this time and must admit I had a bit of a stomp around afterwards which was when I should have been celebrating the fact that he was healthy, but it didn't take long before I came round and now thinking about it I am quite excited. I'm used to boys, have loads of boys in the family so hand me downs will always be in good supply and Little man will enjoy teaching the baby things like picking its nose and the other usual boy stuff lol So looks like we are all happy. Daddy looked very chuffed with himself for producing a boy and at least now I can go shopping shopping shopping hehe! Must start thinking about boy names as we had chosen a girls name easily but still not came close to a decision about a boys. Any ideas do let me know hehe!

Will let you know about the next scan in couple of weeks. :0)


  1. Well done, Don is a good boys name LOL. just think all the shopping you can do now and an extra scan I LOVE your countdown ticker Say hi to little man for me is he looking forwards to having a new baby? Not so sure that he will need his brother to teach him to pick his nose males have an inbreed thing about scratching things and picking their noses XXX Don

  2. Lol, I've come up with a couple of names now I just have to wait for other half to decide whether he likes one of them lol And more than likely he won't as we seem to have very different views of whats in a name lol

    Little man is very happy to have a baby brother and we have decided to decorate the baby's room with his art work! (not sure what I have let myself in for lol)

    I def agree with you about the inbreed thing lol males just cannot help them selves when it come s to that sort of thing hehe (no offense!) :0) And now I am going to have three of them around me argh! lol :0)

    How is your daughter doing? Bet each day is going slower and slower lol bless her!